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Jewish and Interfaith
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Wedding Officiant Fee

Wedding Officiant Fee

Since we are a network of rabbis, we are unable to quote the officiating fee because each rabbi runs his or her own affairs and sets his or her own fees (which the rabbi will fully discuss with you during the first meeting or phone conversation). However, given the quality of service we provide, you should figure on our rabbi's fee being at the higher end of the fee range in your ceremony site area because you will get more from him/her than from the average officiant in the area. Just like with everything else in life, you pretty much get what you pay for. Saving money is great but not if it costs you more on wedding day in disappointment, with an undesirable surprise, or in plainness.

If you have to cut corners, cut what's not as important as the quality of the rabbi--the most important person you could hire on wedding day. You can always cut, or cut back on, something that you don't need as much as a high quality rabbi. Take a few moments to make a list of what your priorities are for your wedding day, and let that be your guide.

Congratulations on your engagement. We hope it will be the start of a beautiful life together and that we can help make your wedding everything you always hoped it would be.

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