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Jewish and Interfaith
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Making Arrangements
Making arrangements

Don't wait until the last minute to arrange an officiant to conduct your wedding ceremony. This may prove o be quite troublesome. Officiants are very busy and their schedules fill quickly and if you wait until three or so months prior to your wedding date, as a few couples do, the search for an officiant can be very difficult, if not impossible.

Finding a rabbi or minister/priest to officiate at an intermarriage can be an even more laborious task, since most of the more traditional officiants, both Jewish and Christian, will not officiate nor assist at an intermarriage, even if the denomination itself allows its clergy to officiate or co-officiate at one.

After being rejected several times, you may find a rabbi/minister/priest who will participate at your ceremony, but only after placing a considerable burden upon the couple in terms of your future religious affiliation, your lifestyle .

We are well acquainted and confortable with the wedding ceremonies of a large number of Christian and other religious denominations and will customize your wedding ceremony to accomodate both your and your fiancee's traditions and desires.